About La Entrada


La Entrada is a unique mix of residential, commercial and recreational development situated on 2,200 acres just south of Interstate 10 on Avenue 50 in Coachella. Designed with environmental integrity, this master planned community of 7,800 homes celebrates the natural character of the land and provides an integrated gateway to the region.

Gateway / Entertainment Village

Central Village

Hillside Village

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Plans for La Entrada include all the elements that make a community home: schools, parks and recreational fields, places of worship, and opportunities for all types of businesses, from large retail stores to small, family-owned restaurants and shops are all part of the plan. The goal is to provide for a vibrant mix of options that meet the needs of Coachella families and businesses, while laying a foundation for smart growth.
Construction of the La Entrada community is expected to begin following the City of Coachella approval process, which is currently underway.
To view the LaEntrada Specific Plan document, Draft Environmental Impact Report or Final Impact Report please follow this link: www.laentradacommunity.com.

Taking into account every lifestyle and budget

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